What is occurring on our phones is becoming more important than real life and this is leading us to act like zombies.

We live in a world of constant evolution. From infrastructure to our lifestyle, everything has changed. Technology has indisputably made a deep impact on the functioning of our community. It led to positive changes, however, technology has its own share of negative impacts.

Immersed into our phones, earphones shutting out the noise from the outside world, fingers scrolling through the latest posts, we are healthy and blooming externally but in reality we are unhealthy, exhausted and fatigued from the inside.

Technology giant companies (mainly just three companies) take advantage of our fatigues and has turned us into a zombie consumers. With their  massive collection of our data, they manipulate our daily lifestyle, they tell us what we should like, what’s good for us, what we should buy--and buy now.

They infected us by some sort of zombie virus that leaves us desiring to buy from their platforms—just stay home-don’t go anywhere-we will delivered to your house. We have become lethargic, we are not exposed to any community activities and loss of direct interaction with our neighbors.

These companies are taking control over our lives as an addiction, we no more have the ability to think creatively as we purely rely on their databases for information and guidance. This trend has affected our ability to comprehend and process information. We need to break away from this grip and stop becoming technological zombies.

No, I don’t mean that we’re to stop using the device now and stop shopping online.

Communication leads to community, that is to understanding and mutual valuing.

 — Rollo May

We need to stop being tech-zombies once a while and be real, go out, shop, buy, eat, and drink(s) in your neighborhood and enjoy real life. 

Visit your local shops and talk to them, give them a chance-they are real.